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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting Project… A Connecting Countries Adopt-a-School WASH Program

Primary schools affiliated with Connecting Countries Adopt-a-School (CCAAS) do not have a reliable or sustainable source of water or facilities to store potable water. Some of our schools that are connected into the region’s piped water supply only have water supplied to their school once maybe twice each week. For example, a school may be scheduled to receive water on Tuesdays and Saturdays only. The watchman therefore may be responsible to turn on the school tap to replenish the school’s water storage if school is not in session. Or the school’s Head teacher may have to come to the school on a Sunday to ensure the piped water is stored correctly.

After assessing water sources and storage facilities at all of its affiliated Kenyan schools, CCAAS suggested to all the Head teachers and their School Management Committees (SMC) that Rooftop Water Harvesting could be a viable alternative to obtaining and storing water for school use. Since mid-2013 CCAAS has completed 6 such projects and 4 more are destined for completion before the new year. In short, this project has been a welcomed success.

Our Rain Water Harvesting projects are joint partnership efforts between the school and Connecting Countries Adopt-a-School. We provide a large storage tank, usually 10,000 litres, to harvest rain water from school roof tops along with a tank drainage tap and tank delivery to the school. The receiving school funds the purchase and installation of roof guttering that channels the rain water to the tank along with a cement pad to support the tank. Additionally, the school must also agree to enclose the tanks in some manner to protect it from harmful sun’s rays and other types of damage.

CCAAS’ goal is to partner with our Kenyan schools and increase awareness of this project to potential donors so each of our 9 schools has two 10,000 litre water storage tanks. The chart below indicates our schools’ requirements for water tanks. See the attached photos of completed Water Harvesting projects at Chaka Reli, Jacaranda and Riverside Primary Schools in Kenya.

Water Storage Tank Requirements for CCAAS

Partner Schools in Nyandarua County

Name of School No. / Size of Tanks Required
Uiguano Primary School

2 Tanks @ 10,000 litres each… to be completed by October 2015

Riverside Primary School

2 Tanks @ 10,000 litres each… COMPLETED July 2015

Kirima Primary School

1 Tank @ 10,000 litres… to be completed by October 1, 2015

Jacaranda Primary School

2 Tanks @ 10,000 litres each… COMPLETED July 2105

Equator Primary School

2 Tanks @ 10,000 litres each… to be completed by November 2015

Madaraka Primary School

1 Tank @ 10,000 litres… to be completed by October 31, 2015

Chaka Reli primary School

2 Tanks @ 10,000 litres… COMPLETED May 2015

Note: CCAAS seeks funding of $1000 CAD per tank (however costs may vary due to fluxuations in material costs and currency exchange rates). This amount includes:

  1. one 10,000 litre PVC water storage tank
  2. drainage tap and installation
  3. delivery of tank to school
  4. installation of tank