Pen Pal Program

The Pen Pal Program links North American and Kenyan students allowing them to build friendships and exchange cultural information. Matching North American students with students from Kenyan Schools in Nyandarua County West allows friendships to begin. Thousands of letters are exchanged each school year. In addition to enhancing mutual cultural understanding, this program builds literacy skills, furthers global citizenship education, and allows fundraising to be more personal.  Most importantly, children from both continents enjoy this program and have fun with it.

Preston Secondary School – “Life Skills” students have written to their new Pen Pals who attend Kanguu Primary School in Kenya.

Columbia International College – In late February 2014 the students in grades 7/8 at CIC received their Pen Pal letters from their new friends at Madaraka Primary School in Kenya. Each CIC student found they had at least one trait in common with their new Kenyan friend- both loved soccer, both had a dog, both liked the same subjects in school etc. Mrs. Willison’s students wasted no time writing their next set of letters to Madaraka’s students.