Pen Pal Program

The Pen Pal Program links North American and Kenyan students allowing them to build friendships and exchange cultural information. In fact, participating schools have also come from far reaching places including Tokyo, Japan (still currently participating);  Jiangsu province, China;  Avon Indiana, USA;  Dawson City, Yukon;  as well as many schools across Ontario from Russell, Toronto, Oakville, Hagersville, and Hamilton. Matching North American and Japanese students with students from Kenyan Schools in Nyandarua County West allows friendships to begin. Thousands of letters are exchanged each school year!  

In addition to enhancing mutual cultural understanding, this program builds literacy skills, furthers global citizenship education, and allows fundraising to be more personal.  Most importantly, children from both continents enjoy this program and have fun with it. Learn more about the history of this program here!

Preston Secondary School – “Life Skills” students have written to their new Pen Pals who attend Kanguu Primary School in Kenya.

Sherwood Secondary School – Grade 9 French Immersion students will write their letters in English and list French vocabulary on the back for some of the English content words.  In response, the students in Kenya will write in English and place Swahili vocabulary translations on the reverse. Rather exciting isn’t it!

UPDATE – Nov 2018: Sherwood students have received letters from their pen pals! From the pictures below, you can tell they were enthralled.

Lawfield Elementary School – Students from grades 6 and 7 have been writing Pen Pal letters for 3 years. During the 2016-2017 school year two classes of Lawfield’s students wrote and received 2 sets of letters forming a friendship bond linking the Lawfield’s students with their pals who attend Chaka Reli Primary in Ol Joro Orok.
W. H. Ballard Elementary – Students at W. H. Ballard Elementary School in Hamilton received their latest pen pal letters in June 2017 from students who attend Uiguano Primary School in Ol Joro Orok. As one very well spoken young lady at W. H. Ballard stated, “My letter is so heart warming.”
Palermo Public School – There was no shortage of coloured drawings, hand made puzzles, photos of themselves and their parents and treats tapped to some of the letters’ margins. These Canadian students received letters from their Kenyan pals who attend Kirima Public School in Ol Joro Orok.
Richard Beasley Elementary – The latest bundle of 53 Pen Pal letters from Jacaranda Primary School in Kenya were delivered to students at Richard Beasley in June 2017. It’s amazing how a simple letter can produce so many smiles!
Brookville Public School – Students were over the top excited to be receiving letters from their Kenyan pals at Equator Primary. The power of a new friendship can never be underestimated.