Community Response Fund

From time to time Connecting Countries receives aid requests from non-partner schools that desperately require assistance related to either Water Collection & Storage and/or Student Hygiene.
Without detracting focus from partner schools, the Community Response Fund (CRF) enables Connecting Countries to provide assistance to such schools as a “One-Time Grant” opportunity. The school and Connecting Countries will share project responsibilities and costs through a signed Partnership Agreement.
The CRF builds upon these two existing programs to assist non-partner schools:
  1. Water Harvesting – 10,000 litre water storage tanks are provided to collect and store valued rain water from school roof tops.
  2. Clean Hands – Improved student hygiene through provision of school hand washing stations and liquid hand washing soap.
Essentially, the CRF offers an avenue for the use of surplus funds to be used to aid non-partner schools. Thus far, Connecting Countries has been able to help 4 schools through our CRF program.

March 2019

 Ol Joro Orok Primary School (10,000L tank)

May 2017

Baari Primary (10,000L tank & hand washing station)
Kaheho Primary (10,000L tank)
 Muruai Primary (10,000L tank)

To learn more about the Community Response Fund gifting options and application, please read the following document (Community Response Fund options and details). You may also contact us at info -at- connectingcountries -dot- net for more information.