Our Work

Latrine Building – This is our primary program. Through fundraising, North American “partner schools” as well as local businesses and private citizens have helped to finance the building of over 182 latrines since 2005.

Why is adequate sanitation so fundamentally important for Kenyan schools?  With the building of proper latrines, student absences due to illnesses brought on by poor sanitation are reduced; toilet wait times lessen resulting in more class time and students acquire an improved level of privacy, safety, and dignity.

Water Harvesting – Primary schools affiliated with Connecting Countries did not have a reliable or sustainable source of water or facilities to store potable water. Our Water Harvesting projects are joint partnership efforts between the school and Connecting Countries.

Clean Hands – The Clean Hands program augments the Kenyan Ministry of Health and Education’s focus to improve the health of students. It teaches Kenyan school children the importance of hand washing and proper techniques. It also provides access to soap and water through hand washing stations as well as larger hand washing troughs to help stop the spread of preventable disease. Soapy water from the hand washing troughs drain into a basin where it is collected and re-purposed to wash out the latrines. Healthy children attend school more regularly.

Continuing Support – Ontario Pen Pal students wanted to provide ongoing support to their Kenyan pen pals, which lead to the development of this Connecting Countries program. Continuing Support allows North American students to support their Kenyan friends’ education by raising money to fund the purchase necessary school supplies. Over 5000 notebooks, more than 400 textbooks and countless numbers of pencils have found their way to our Kenyan classrooms.

Pen Pal Program – The Pen Pal letter exchange links North American, Japanese, and Kenyan students, allowing them to build friendships and exchange cultural information. North American and Japanese students are matched with students who attend Kenyan primary schools found in Nyandarua County West. This pairing initiates cross cultural friendships.