Jacaranda Primary School is located in Ol Joro Orok Kenya. CCAAS has already built latrines at this school in 2009. However with the ever changing needs of the school, it was requested by the School Management Committee that more latrines be built. During CCAAS’ trip to the schools in May and June of 2015, John P. Smith (President of CCAAS) noted that the new latrines would be geared to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) students. As is our policy, the school had to perform some of the work to complete the latrines project. Jacaranda Primary volunteered to provide the labor to dig the latrine pit. At the end of the day such a committment builds not only a strong partnership between CCAAS and the school staff, students and parents but fosters local ownership of the project. This is a vital component to any international development project. Although the heavy rains produced a higher than normal water table caused some delay in the early stages of digging and construction, the eventual drier weather allowed for a speedy conclusion.

This Latrine Project was generously funded by those who supported 2 fundraisers: Tackles for Toilets and Kids for Kenya “Toilet Run” 2015

Construction Stages for the Jacaranda Primary School Latrine Project 2016