Guttering Provides Much Needed Water at Madaraka Primary

Madaraka Primary School is located in Ol Joro Orok Kenya. For a number of years their
100,000 litre cement water collection tank was under used. The prime concern was
there were never enough funds at the end of the day to purchase and install
gutters from the school’s long roof lines in order to channel rain water to this

As a direct result of Connecting Countries’ director John Smith visiting this
school during the Make A Difference trip in May 2019, Madaraka Primary decided
to partner with Connecting Countries. The school paid for the wood to fix the
fascia boards. Connecting Countries funded the plastic guttering and the
installation costs. Once work started in early December 2019 the entire project
took about one month to complete.

Both Madaraka Primary and Connecting Countries wish to thank the donors who support
Connecting Countries’ WaSH programs. Due to your giving spirit the students at
Madaraka Primary returned to school in early January to a full 100,000 liter

Asante Sana,

Workmen carrying the plastic underground piping to channel roof water to the storage tank.

Laying an underground pipe. The concrete structure in the background is the water tank. 

Plastic guttering attached to eaves of school building. 

Back of school building showing the water pipes.