Make A Difference Tour

Alliance Destinations is a highly experienced tour company located in Nairobi. We know our part of the world intimately and have been crafting and guiding luxury holidays, safaris and travel packages for over 10 years. The Make A Difference Tour  is one of the most unique experiences we have ever helped plan.

James Mungai

MAD Tour Director, Alliance Destinations

MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOUR 2019            Kenya         May 15 – May 31 2019

The second MAD Tour was a great success! 

Tour participants did a variety of activities, including safari game drives, hikes, and a visit to Connecting Countries partner schools. Participants were welcomed with open arms by students. The group brought pencils, markers, books, toothbrushes and other supplies (one of the most exciting items were new soccer balls).

The members of the MAD Tour used large freezer bags to form over 240 “dignity pacs” consisting of: a face cloth, a small hotel-sized bar of hand soap, a sanitary towel (pad), a sanitary wallet, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pair of cotton panties.

They also brought library books, selected for all three grade sections (primary, junior, and senior) from Kenya’s Educational accepted school book catalogue called the “orange book”.

Lastly, dried apple snacks and soup mix were donated by Ontario Christian Gleaners in Cambridge, Ontario. One bag of soup mix allows 100 students to have a cup of hearty soup. The participants of the MAD Tour took over 100 bags of soup mix! Talk about Making a Difference.


These children are so bright, motivated and ready to take on the world. The group wants readers to know how privileged they felt to have met these smart and caring children and hear their stories.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOUR 2017            Kenya         May 17 – June 1 2017

This was the first time Alliance Destinations ever collaborated with a charitable organization to ensure a tour was largely based upon a single humanitarian theme. In this case the Make A Difference theme is to not only showcase how Kenyans Make A Difference to enhance their own country and lives but with the assistance of Connecting Countries, a Canadian registered non-profit organization, tour participants were given the opportunity to Make A Difference in the lives of primary students. The custom itinerary scheduled visits to 4 primary schools in Nyandarua County West affiliated with Connecting Countries. At three of these schools, tour members started and completed developmental projects which Make A Difference in the lives of the primary school children who attend these rural schools.

Alliance Destinations was excited to be a part of the difference that participants personally made during the first trip. We are even more excited at the thought of assisting future Make A Difference tours.

Make a Difference Tour – Brochure Here