Connecting Countries and Kanguu Primary School in Ol Joro Orok, Kenya, are working hard building new latrines at the school. Construction was 100% done by February 2018! The project will be completed as the students, who attend Kanguu Primary, return to classes after their Christmas break. The major donor for this project was the 2017 Kids for Kenya Toilet Run!






The parents of the school students and other locals prepared the site by hand digging the foundation for the latrines. Connecting Countries then hired a local contractor in Ol Joro Orok (Ezemar Construction) to bring in all the necessary materials and construct two latrine blocks: a three door block for the boys and one for the girls.


The two latrine blocks will replace a 6 door block that the Public Health Department ordered to be torn down because it was not properly constructed and started to sink.  The new latrines have solid footings and will be a welcome change for all the kids at Kanguu Primary School.

The construction continues and when complete, these two new latrine blocks will help keep the kids at this school happy and healthy!

How much does it cost to change the lives of these school kids? The total cost from Connected Countries to construct the two latrine blocks was just over $12,000 CAD (~990,000 Ksh). An amazing investment considering so many children’s lives will be changed for the better.