What People Say

Pen Pal Program

“We’re happy to get letters. My grade fives were so excited they could barely sit still while I handed out the letters.”

– Alison Sawatzky, Teacher at Lee Academy, Hamilton, Canada    December 2010

“This project has had a life time impact on lives of many that will change the world one day. This is on both ends of the globe in Nyahururu and Ontario”

– Elias Gikundi, Deputy Executive Director at KAPC, Nairobi, Kenya    October 2008

“Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful program! It has been so rewarding learning about our friends at Kirima. And EXCITING receiving their letters. I always love the energy that is created when my students read their pen pal letters.”

– Candice Parent, Teacher at Palermo School, Oakville, Canada    March 2017

“You bring a terrific, positive energy to your teaching which the students love and I find inspiring. We’re happy to be a part of the Pen Pal interaction with students in Kenya. Looking forward to continuing our pen pal communications next September”

– Jason Garramone, Teacher at Preston High School, Cambridge, Canada    June 2017


Latrine Building

“The toilet building project: makes a great difference for the children in terms of hygiene, comfort and should as well translate into higher dignity and sense of worth.”
– John Kariuki, Head Teacher at Madaraka Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2008

“Thank you.. for all of your hard work and for bringing the latrine building opportunity to our school community”

– Leanne Tovey, Teacher at Flamborough Centre School, Flamborough, Canada    January 2015

“Allow me to take this opportunity on behalf of my Board of Management (BOM) and all the stake holders to thank you once again for the projects that you have already accomplished in our school. Thank you for this project toilet project. It will help to assist our children to realize good academic performance. Our children were wasting a lot of time queuing in the morning and during their brake time. The learners and the entire community are very grateful.”


– James Kamotho, Head Teacher at Kanguu Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    January 2018

“Knowing the kind of latrines that were in the schools a few years ago, I think what you and CCAAS have done is so monumental and will have immense impact on the lives of so many for generations to come. The impact on the Kids in Ontario will go on as well for generations.”

– Elias Gikundi, Deputy Executive Director at KAPC, Nairobi, Kenya    October 2008


Clean Hands

“Our pupils are benefitting from the hand washing program as they remain clean, free from waterborne diseases e.g. cholera.

They have also extended the same knowledge back home where they come from-have put containers near latrines for hand wash after family visiting latrines and also wash the latrines.”

– Michael Kamoni, Teacher at Jacaranda Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2015


“You recently constructed a Hand Washing Trough in our school. We enjoy washing our hands with the clean soapy water which has uplifted our hygiene. Many thank you’s.”
– Martha Mugure, Student in Class 7 at Chaka Reli Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2018

After construction of the Hand Washing Trough, we received this note from a student:


“Every pupil, teacher and parent have seen a great change in our hygiene.”
– Wilson Nyagu, Student in Class 8 at Equator Primary School, Nyahururu, Kenya    September 2018

“Our school has benefited greatly as the health of our pupils has been boosted and cases of waterborne diseases has gone down. The same has also been extended to their families as hand washing has become a routine to the pupils thus educating the same to their siblings and parents back at home.”

– Peter Kimani Uiguano Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2015


Water Harvesting

“We had harvested enough water during the month of July/August that is being used today in this dry season (September/October). The stored rain water has initiated a new ECD programme of preparing porridge for our kids.”

– Michael Kamoni, Teacher at Jacaranda Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2015

“Our school has sincerely benefited from the tanks as all our pupils can get clean water for drinking.

The harvested water has also supported our ECD feeding programs because water is readily available unlike when parents used to draw water from the dam, thus saving them time, energy and the risks of children taking contaminated water.

– Peter Kimani, Uiguano Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2015


General Support

“You may think that the things (Latrine Building, Pen Pal Program and Clean Hands) you have started in our school are simple things but I tell you they are building my pupils’ self-esteem very much.”

– Stephen Kihara, Head Teacher at Equator Primary School, Nyahururu, Kenya    April 2011

“We are very much grateful for your continuous support in our school demands. Whenever we propose a needy project for your sponsorship you respond. Kindly receive our thanks.”

– Michael Kirima, Head Teacher at Jacaranda Primary School, Ol Joro Orok, Kenya    September 2017



“It’s a great cause to be a part of!”

– Patrick Saile, Dontgetlost Adventure Running Program Manager  re: 3rd Annual Toilet Run    September 2014

“Thank you… for the amazing work. I am proud of Connecting Countries”

– Samuel Irari, WASH Pillar Manager, Feed the Children Office in Kenya    February 2016

“I want to register my sincere gratitude to you John and your group for the support you have continued granting us as Riverside Pry fraternity. God bless you greatly.”
– Winnie Hunyu, Head Teacher at Riverside Primary School, Nyahururu, Kenya    January 2019