The Latrine Building Process- a Case Study

Much has been written to support the notion that healthy Kenyan students attend school more regularly which ultimately perform better academically. Since 2006 Connecting Countries has focused its attention on providing 8 primary schools in Nyandarua County West with improved sanitation (latrines) facilities. The result has been the creation of a healthier educational environment for over 3000 primary school students.

The unlikely pairing of Sanitation and Education involves a committed partnership between Connecting Countries and the primary schools. Building of new school latrines calls for a mutual sharing of latrine construction responsibilities. Having the school supply the labor to dig the latrine pit as per a contractor’s specifications, and provide daily upkeep and maintenance of the completed latrine allows school community ownership of the sanitation project.

During the fall of 2019 Chaka Reli Primary School requested assistance from Connecting Countries to fund the building of a new latrine facility.  Specifically they asked for new latrine block comprising of 3 stalls and a urinal to be used solely by their Early Childhood Development class (3 – 5year old students). During the month of December, Connecting Countries launched its annual Double Your Donation campaign to raise funds for projects such as Chaka Reli’s. Thanks to Connecting Countries’ loyal supporters and Deys Fabricating adequate funds were raised to move the Chaka Reli ECD latrine project forward.

The following images will highlight the Sanitation ~ Education link by visually presenting the chronological progress of the new ECD latrine block at Chaka Reli Primary School. 


    Pit Digging – All latrine projects are a partnership between the school and Connecting Countries. As part of their responsibility, the school community must fulfill key construction elements like digging the latrine pit. In this case, the pit will be 16 ft deep, 8 ft wide and 12 ft long, hand dig.  

    Laying the Cement Foundation – Poured concrete and steel wire are used to form a stable base.  

    Construction Videos

    Blocking the Pit Walls & Capping- this step is necessary due to the unstable soil at Chaka Reli School. Once in place a cement ledge on top of the pit blocking and constructing vertical supports using re-bar to eventually support the floor of the latrine and urinal.