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Sanitation Has Been Called “The Silent Emergency”

Diseases related to unsanitary conditions kill more children than HIV and Malaria combined.
We need to break the silence by talking about sanitation.

400 million school days are lost globally

… due to poor sanitation.

Millions of children are saved

… by regular hand washing with soap

2.6 billion people

… lack access to basic sanitation.

Toilets save lives

… more lives than any other invention

What We Do

Latrine building in Kenya

Latrine Building

Our primary program. Through fundraising, North American “partner schools” as well as local Canadian businesses and private citizens have helped to finance the building of over 180 latrines at Kenyan schools since 2005.

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Water Harvesting

To support our sanitation projects and to provide schools with accessible potable water our rain Water Harvesting projects are joint partnership efforts between the schools and Connecting Countries.

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Clean Hands

Clean Hands teaches Kenyan school children the importance of hand washing and proper techniques. It also provides access to soap and water through hand washing stations to help stop the spread of preventable disease.

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Continuing Support

Our Continuing Support program allows North American students to continue to support their Kenyan friends’ education by raising money to fund the purchase of necessary school supplies.

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Pen Pals

The Pen Pal letter exchange links North American and Kenyan students allowing them to build friendships and exchange information, leading to greater cultural understanding.

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Latrine Building - A Case Study

This page documents the construction of a typical latrine at Chaka Reli primary in 2020.

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